Papasquiaro’s “Advice from 1 Disciple of Marx to 1 Heidegger fanatic”

Nevertheless oxygen & the regular rotation of the stars survive

September winks at us

& it’s best if each of us clings to the waist of his most beloved

1 honey-colored cocker spaniel remains sunk in deep sleep

while 1 miserable fly uses his nose as 1 sofa bed

scraps rinds papers

fly about entangled in the pant cuffs of the wind

that today could shred 1 flower

                                then pummel it into the ground

but tomorrow /

                goodbye carbon dioxide /

apoplexy shitty luck Goodbye

Explain to your occasional lover

                that even 1 failed erection

is part of the process

this / & the fucking awesome vermilion of the twilight

& the flight of thrushes that for 1 instant blackens the air

& the spark of life that ruffles your chest hair

in decisive eopchs

& with every appearance of becoming Epic History

Explain that to your occasional lover

                clear it up for yourself

that life is still your poetry workshop

& hopefully you’ll electrify the power of your inner storm

as well as the girl with the agility of 1 sailboat

whom you’ve chosen as the partner of your next escapades

                that the love or the madness that most closely approximates it

                                inhabit you / lighten yours step

that it brightens the twinkle in your eye

                Hopefully / hopefully

The fragments the splinters from a while ago

                become in hands like Houdini’s

1 scream as solid & real

as 1 breast or 1 apple

or 1 desire that turns all bodies into 1 transparent prism

The apparently static & fleeting

turns out to be 1 very important piece on the board:

behind 1 simple street photographer

                            once lived 1 Ernesto Che Guevara

& he seemed incapable of the smallest exertion

not to mention of ethical feats

The apparently static & fleeting

                turns out to be 1 very important piece on the board:

the spirit & the valor that accompany you

                                when you roam the endless avenues

remembering the poems the skin of Sappho

bathed in moonlight

when you run your hand over your face

                at the moment in which you’re 1 rainbow

scratched out by the sun & the 4 o’clock drizzle

when you inscribe the poetic artifacts of this century’s end

on the tree’s naked trunk:

                                                I love you to bits

                                                Tú me enciendes

                                                You turn me on

                                                How can this be

                                                so beautiful?

––burning with faith

                            & between swells of pleasure—

When you see in this the instinct of the struggle for existence

                that made Rosa Luxemburg euphoric

the living application of the heretic Wilhelm Reich’s favorite theorem:

1 body is taught to read & write next to another body

                & thus the University of Tenderness is founded

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