Wendy Trevino, “Brazilian Is Not a Race”


It’s still like that. Pizaña moved away
From San Benito, in any case.
& settled in Brownsville, where he did find
Like-minded people, who also subscribed
To Regeneración––like Emilia
Rodriguez, a widow who supported
Herself as a seamstress & took part in
A women’s discussion group. She might have
Especially appreciated the September
3rd issue in 1910, its front page
Coverage of both “ethnic exclusion
Of Mexicans by whites” in Texas &
Mujer Moderna’s editor living
In exile in San Antonio.


According to passengers who survived
The attack & robbery of the train
Anzaldúa mentions in Borderlands
The “resisters” chants included “Viva
Aniceto Pizaña!” it makes sense.
A posse of Anglos that included
Texas Rangers & other officials
Had raided his branch just two months
Before. Pizaña & some friends
Shot & killed one of the men & wounded
Three others in the process then escaped.
Pizaña later claimed the raid drove him
To join the Plan of San Diego, though
He’d been the Anglos’ nightmare long before.


Lots of people don’t talk about the Plan
Of San Diego. Take back Texas, New
Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming
& California; annex six more states
For an independent republic of
Black people; return to the Apaches
Their land; kill all white American males
Over the age of 16. That’s the Plan.
To some people it just doesn’t sound real
But I agree with the historian
Gerald Horne: even “if the ‘Plan’ was a
Fiction, massacres of various sorts
Were not,” neither was the temporary
Halt of economic development.

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